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1400 W Fern Dr,   Fullerton, CA 92833
Phone: 714-447-7710
Attendance Message Line: (714) 447-2813
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Student Council Elections

Fern Drive Student Council Elections

Fern Drive Student Council Officers need to be creative, spirited, hard-working, and model the Fern Drive school rules as leaders for the student body throughout the entire year.  

In order to qualify to run for office this year you must...

*Return your completed Petition to Run for Office form to a Student Council Advisor at recess in order to receive additional information about the campaign process

*Have received S’s and O’s on last year’s third trimester report card.

Students who are running will need to… 

*Turn in a 1 minute video speech following all rules and guidelines by Wednesday, September 11th by no later than 4:00

*Participate in an upper-grade debate on Thursday, September 12th

*Be present on Student Council Election Day on Thursday, September 19th

         Thank you,        

 Student Council Teacher Advisors

Mrs. Drew (Room 1)    nicole_drew@myfsd.org

Miss Phillips (Room 14)   meghan_phillips@myfsd.org

  Mrs. Tavera (Room 8)  danielle_tavera@myfsd.org


PRESIDENT (6th grade): leads assemblies, makes announcements over school loudspeaker,  holds student council meetings, delivers special notices to classrooms

VICE-PRESIDENT (5th or 6th grade): aids president in all responsibilities, takes over if the president is not available, writes down the minutes and takes notes at all student council meetings, participates in Friday morning assemblies

SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE (4th grade): advertises and puts up fliers promoting school activities (ex: Holiday donations, spirit days), participates in Friday morning assemblies

PHOTOGRAPHER (5th Grade): Take photos around the school on Spirit Days, select pictures for the Student Council Instagram, participate in Friday morning assemblies

SPIRIT REPRESENTATIVE  (5th or 6th grade): give announcements over the school loudspeaker, participates in Friday morning assemblies, create posters for Spirit Days throughout the year.

TREASURER (4th grade): keeps track of all monies collected or spent from the Student Council Fund, participates in Friday morning assemblies

Petition to Run for Office



Position you are running for:____________________

Please look over the positions and complete. Students must bring their completed Petition to Run Form to the STEAM LAB at the beginning of recess on Thursday, August 29th. During that time students will receive additional information about student council election process. 

If elected, I understand that being on student council is a great responsibility and honor.  I am aware that I am expected  to be able to attend a meeting before school on the first Thursday of every month. I  also understand that I will be expected to participate in weekly Friday assemblies and additional activities (caroling, talent show, ect.). I understand that as a representative for our school, any misconduct, referrals that result in suspension, or abuse of the office may result in the removal from the position.

Student Signature:_____________________________________

Your Parent’s Signature:________________________________

       Student Council Teacher Advisors

Mrs. Drew (Room 1) nicole_drew@myfsd.org

Miss Phillips (Room 14)  meghan_phillips@myfsd.org

  Mrs. Tavera (Room 8)  danielle_tavera@myfsd.org