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1400 W Fern Dr,   Fullerton, CA 92833
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Message from Dr. B

Hello Falcons!


Picture day was a success! Not here? Not to worry, we have make up day on Tuesday, November 16.  This includes all of Fern’s Distance Learning Academy Students. 


Last week, we highlighted social media awareness and Common Sense Media.  We have been made aware of a year long calendar for inappropriate and harmful acts at school.   These TikTok challenges, aimed at students, also include “slap a teacher,” “destroy school signs,” “trash the cafeteria or courtyard,” and hitting/exposing private parts while on the school campus.  May includes a  ditch day.   You can Google the calendar "TikTok School Challenges" and see it for yourselves.

 If your Falcon is on TikTok, please help us by having conversations with them regarding participating in such inappropriate and destructive behavior.  Fern Drive was mildly impacted by the bathroom vandalism, and our custodians had to take time from their busy days to clean it.  Please encourage your Falcons to follow our three school rules – Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. 

 Hispanic Heritage Month – Focus on STEAM:  Dr. Severo Ochoa – The breakthroughs we have seen in mRNA vaccines would not be possible were it not for Dr. Ochoa’s discovery of an enzyme that can synthesize ribonucleic acid. Ultimately, Ochoa’s research was key in developing a greater understanding of the human genetic code. Ochoa was the first Hispanic American to win the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 1959.

 Jose Hernandez – Retired astronaut Jose Hernandez joined the 2004 NASA astronaut candidate class after being rejected from NASA 11 times! One of four children, Hernandez grew up in a migrant farming family from Mexico. Beyond his success as an astronaut, Hernandez worked in the field of medical physics and co-developed the first full-fledged digital mammography imaging system after having conducted much work on developing x-ray film imaging analysis techniques. This technology has been effective in detecting cancer earlier than other techniques.


Hangul Day:

A HUGE thank you to Chloe B. and her family for creating such a wonderful video so all of Fern Drive can learn about the importance of this Korean celebration, celebrated on October 9th.

During the fifteenth century, Koreans used Chinese characters called Hanja to write. Since Korean is very different grammatically from Chinese, not every person learned how to write using Hanja.

Actually, only the elite people in Korea learned how to read and write. In 1443, Korean King Sejong decided that it would be best for Korea if the Korean language had its own alphabet and a year later the new alphabet Hangul was completed.

 Hangul is easy to learn. It is made up of consonants, vowels, and syllables. Many of the sounds overlap with English.  King Sejong’s rule is often seen as a golden period of Korean history, where enlightenment and  knowledge brought widespread literacy to all Koreans. Happy Hangul Day to our Korean families!


1-15 – Hispanic Heritage Month

25 - 29 – Red Ribbon Week/ APEX Fun Run Fundraiser begins

29 – Show your character! In honor of Dia de los Muertos, you can dress in a traditional costume or a character from Coco!  You may also choose to dress as a character from your favorite book!


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